Compilation of the Competent Authorities, Technical Services and type approved Engines according to the relevant international regulations relating to measures against the emission of gaseous and particulate pollutants from internal combustion engines for inland waterway vessels in Europe

Section D

List of engine types, engine families and engine groups for which a type approval is requested

TrademarkPhaseDesignation of manufacturerNumber of type approvalDate of type approvalCompetent authority
Caterpillar Inc. CE phase 3A 3500PA16002 e1*97/68VC*2012/46*0059*00 D
FPT Indstrial S.p.A. CE phase 3A F4HF616 e1*97/68VC*2012/46*0062*00 D
Hyundai Seasall Co., Ltd. CCNR étape II L engines R1*II*C1D2E2E3*0109*00 D
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. CCNR étape II S6R-MTAW / S12R-MPTAW R1*II*D2E2*0113*00 D
Perkins Engines Company Ltd. CCNR étape II C4.4 DINA R1*II*D2*0105*00 D
Wärtsilä Nederland BV CCNR étape II TBD 620 R1*II*E3*0008*02 D